• Rob Lawson

Enjoy a Perfect Autumn or Winter Break in Alston

We may all dream of long hot summers, but the advent of cooler weather should not put you off a break in the English countryside. In facts, towns like Alston can be just a relaxing and enjoyable in the Autumn and Winter months, as the seasons work their magic.

As the trees turn to auburn and brown, the South Tyne Valley takes on a totally different character, with crisp fresh air, leaves underfoot and spectacular views of local forest from the Pennine Way and the South Tyne Trail.

Turning to Winter, the local walks are no less enjoyable, so long as you wrap up, and the promise of a hot bath and a hearty fire at the end of the day beckons. With no less than five traditional country pubs in Alston, all offering quality drinks and good food, where better for a winter break?

Here at Salvin House Alston, we have everything you need for that seasonal getaway. Not only do we offer a comfortable living room with multifuel stove, we also have comfortable beds and a baths that's big enough for two. So there's no need to wait until next summer for your perfect staycation getaway.

There is still plenty to do as well. The South Tynedale Railway continues to run many weekend, especially in the runup to Christmas, and most of Alston's independent shops continue to open throughout the year. You can also explore Christmas events and fairs across Northumberland, Cumbria and County Durham.

Finally, if there's enough snow, you can even ski at Yad Moss, one of England’s few real-snow ski and snowboard areas, just 11km to the south. Whoever said there was nothing to do in Alston out of season?

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